Located in Meadville and serving the south west Mississippi area is where I like to make lumber from trees.

My name is Craig Forman and my journey with wood begin at age 19 when I went to work with 2 carpenters with whom I worked with for 5 years and then started to work for myself doing carpenter work which I did full time until I was 42 when I bought my first sawmill (a used LT40HD Wood-Mizer) mainly to saw lumber to build a house with for my family. That was in 2005. It didn’t take long for me to start getting jobs sawing for other people also while I was sawing lumber for myself. I continued doing carpenter work also at this time and bought a new Wood-Mizer LT70 in 2007. By 2012 I had totally phased out the carpenter work and continued my sawing while also selling portable storage buildings. I saw full time now and basically will go just about anywhere to saw for people. I have sawed anything and everything from lumber for birdhouses to lumber for new homes.     As you can see in the videos everything I saw is pushed back onto a roller bed where you can then roll it right onto a trailer or set of forks or whatever you want to put it on. Not having to drag each board and slab off of the sawmill by hand. This greatly speeds up the process with a lot less hard work on the person handling the slabs and lumber.   My first priority on all jobs is safety for everyone involved and then for everyone to enjoy the day of sawing. And at the same time my goal is to do the best I can to get you the customer the best lumber possible out of your logs. Always remember the better the log the better the lumber.    

Please call me, I will be glad to discuss sawing for you.

(601) 384-6727